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How to enable Share Widget.

“Share” button on your store to enable customers to share your store/product link with their friends and colleagues.

  • Login to your SuperLemon dashboard, go to the WhatsApp Widget section in the left side bar.
  • Click on the Share Settings button on screen.
  • Enable the widget.

Additional Settings

Share button Design: SuperLemon provides you with various  options to configure the WhatsApp Share widget.You can select the design, layout and color of the widget button from the  options available. . You can also have an option to select the widget layout and define custom colors based on your website’s theme.

Share Button Text: You will need to define the button text in this section.

Share message in WhatsApp: You have an option to define prefilled text which will appear on end customers WhatsApp text box when they choose to share your store with their friends.

Share Button Display & Position - select channels eligible for the Share button. You can also configure the position of the share button on your website by adjusting the height and edge offset.

Pages to display - Select the pages where you want to show the Whatsapp Share widget