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How to enable Chat Widget?

“Chat” Widget helps your customers interact with your agents and give live support.

  • Login to your SuperLemon dashboard, go to the WhatsApp Widget section in the left side bar.
  • Click on the Chat Settings button on screen.
  • Enable the widget.

  • Next in Basic Settings, Click on add New Agents. Complete the steps by adding:  Agent whatsApp number, Name, Role, Avtar and define their working hours and days.Our WhatsApp chat widget supports multiple agent functionality. You have the option to add multiple support users by having seperate number for each user.

Additional Settings for Chat Widget:

Button Text & Design - You can select the design, layout and color of the widget button from various options provided. 

You also have an option to select the widget layout and define custom colors, based on your website theme.

Callout Card Message - A Callout card makes the chat button more noticeable to new visitors of your store. You can also set the text to be displayed on the call out card as well as the callout card delay time. To ensure a smooth customer experience callout card is displayed only once per day. You can test the configured changes by opening your store in incognito mode

Greetings Widget - You can greet your store visitors by adding a customized title and help message in the greeting widget.You can select the greeting widget from the SuperLemon existing design or you can also customize  colors, based on your website theme.Please note that the greeting widget is automatically enabled if multiple agents are activated.

Share Button Display & Position - Select channels eligible for the Share button. You can also configure the position of the share button on your website by adjusting the height and edge offset.

Pages to display - Select the pages where you want to show the Whatsapp Share widget