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What is Green Tick and How to apply for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification

 Businesses who have got their Whatsapp Business account have an option to get a green tick which is a separate process which needs to be executed.

What is Green Tick on Whatsapp?

WhatsApp Green Tick is an official Green Checkmark provided by WhatsApp itself to show the Brand's credibility & trustworthiness. It's a direct acknowledgement from WhatsApp that the brand is trustable! Accounts with Green Tick are known as official WhatsApp Verified Accounts.

So, whenever you talk to users with your verified WhatsApp Business account, your users

would feel that they are talking to a reliable brand! This doesn't mean that businesses with no Green Tick can't use WhatsApp Business API. All features of WhatsApp Business API can very well be used without the Green Tick! Getting the WhatsApp green tick is not easy. 

You must match the eligibility criteria to apply for Green tick on WhatsApp

Benefits of a verified badge

  1. Obtaining the Green tick badge can help reduce the number of times your customers block you.
  2. It may also increase the read rate of your messages, resulting in a higher ROI on your messaging costs.
  3. It can eventually become a part of your overall branding.
  4. Customers can see your brand name even if they do not save your business contact information. More faith!

How to verify a WhatsApp business account?

You must first apply for WhatsApp Business account access through a WhatsApp Service Provider like Superlemon. Once your WhatsApp Business API  account is approved, you can reach out to Superlemon Support on email to apply for Green Tick

However, the green tick application may be rejected if your business is not reputed. ANd WhatsApp does not provide any detailed information about the rejection of the application. The rights to approve your green tick remain with WhatsApp, and the Superlemon has no role to play in that.