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How to Apply for WhatsApp Business API via Superlemon?

You can easily apply for WhatsApp business API via Superlemon. Simply log-in to superlemon application & go to WhatsApp Business API action to apply for your own WhatsApp Business Account. You can get your Whatsapp Business Account created in 20 mins using the Embedded Signup.

Please note that you must be Subscribed to “Growth” or “Engage” Plan to apply then Set up  WhatsApp Business Account.

What is embedded signup?

Embedded signup is a way for Business Solution Providers (BSPs) to let businesses onboard to the WhatsApp Business Platform directly from their website. It can be used to onboard customers to the WhatsApp Business Platform Cloud API or the WhatsApp Business Platform On-Premises API.
Please note that Superlemon has Gupshup as it’s BSP. Your WhatsApp Business API account would be created on Gupshup Platform.

How to complete the Embedded Signup:
  • A valid phone number.You can know about eligible phone numbers here.
  • Access to your Facebook Account.
  • Administrator access to your Facebook business account. Alternatively, you can create a Facebook business account during the embedded signup process.
  • It is recommended to keep the following information handy.
  • Legal Company Name.
  • Business Phone Number 
  • Business Website
  • Business Information & Compete Business Address
  • Display Name for your Whatsapp Business API. Learn how to choose your Display number here.
  1. As you get started with the WhatsApp Business account creation process on Superlemon. You will need to log in to your Meta account to move forward.

  1. Connect your Facebook(Meta) Business Account or You can create a new Facebook(Meta) Business Account. Please follow the instructions to create a new Facebook Business Account.
  1. Submit the details required for your WhatsApp Business API account including Phone Number & Display Name. 
  1. Verify your Phone Number Using OTP or voice call.

You can get various errors during the Sign-up process. Learn how to tackle them. Once you have verified your phone number, your WhatsApp business account would be ready to use

Please note that just after sign up, you can only send messages to 50 unique users in 24 hours session. Learn Why? It is recommended to get the Facebook Business Id verification done to increase this limit. Check the tutorial on how to Verify your Facebook Business ID.