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Why use the WhatsApp Chat App for Shopify

Rohit Chahande

Why use the WhatsApp Chat App for Shopify

WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media and communication channels on the Internet. Around 2 billion people useWhatsApp worldwide. It is very popular in many countries, including the US.


Therefore, Shopify WhatsApp apps are a great way to integrate WhatsApp functionality into your website.


The following are some facts about eCommerce Live Chat applications:


●     57% of people shop online.

●     79% of shoppers prefer live chat when shopping online.

●     70% of Shopify shoppers chatting with businesses are more likely to convert.


To outperform your competitors, you need to use the most effective plugins, extensions, and tools for your online store.One of the most important apps for Shopify is the SuperLemon WhatsApp Chat App.


You will be surprised at how much you can do with a simple WhatsApp button.


What is the benefit of Shopify's WhatsApp application?


You can gain many benefits by using the Shopify WhatsApp app on your website.

  1. Customers can chat live with you. Customer engagement is     easier if customers can chat live with you.
  2. Increase your order volume.
  3. Using WhatsApp to offer live chat on your website     doesn't slow it down.
  4. WhatsApp offers social login functionality.


Without a WhatsApp app, your customers face difficulty finding a way to reach you. As a business owner, you need to juggle through many communication channels like website chatbot window, emails, and social media direct messaging for attending customer queries. Often the responses are made after some time. By then, customers either leave the chat window or switch to a competitor.


Thus, increasing bounce rate, reducing chances of conversion, and diminishing customer engagement.


What can SuperLemon do for you?

SuperLemon WhatsApp Chat App streamlines your communication. One chat button on your website enables your customer to chateasily. You can reach them even after your customers have left the website. You can automate order updates, delivery notifications and abandoned cart recovery.


More than 28000 Shopify & Shopify Plus store owners trust Shopify for their smooth conversations. More than 850customers rated us 5-🌟 based on our excellent functionality and serviceability.


Some unique benefits you get withSuperLemon include:

1. Multiple WhatsApp Numbers

You can have multiple numbers on Whats App for multiple purposes. This enables you to have more than one team member look after chat support as a growing business. You can even deploy a team of chat support executives and a manager to monitor them.


2. Customisable Chat Button

The easy-to-add chat plugin comes in 50+colour options to select from. No matter what colour your Shopify theme is, youwill find the design matching your theme.


3. No Coding Needed

The app is easy to install on Shopify. One needs to go to the Shopify App store, click install, and the app will install.To start, one will only need to enter some credentials like name, number, email, and the app gets ready to use.


It is not necessary to have a developer ora professional do any changes or set up only with coding.


4. Message Templates

The app comes with pre-loaded messages. You need not think for hours or look for a good script to say something like"your order is shipped" or "you have some items in cart to be checkout".


The pre-loaded messages make it easier for the chat support team to send messages with fewer chances of error. Templates also save the time of typing the same message again and again.


5. 3 Feature Plans

Understanding the needs of various businesses, SuperLemon is available in 3 plans. Every plan includes some common basic functions. As businesses grow, they can upgrade to a higher plan and enjoy additional benefits.


6. Smart Automation

The app allows smart automation of some processes such as sending abandoned cart recovery, order status updates, delivery details and asking for feedback. Smart automation handles many tasks in a quick & timely manner that otherwise, a person might need to do manually, taking hours.



Customer loyalty is based on good experiences. Having a good experience makes customers want to return again and again. But poor service makes customers never come back to your store. Invest in a good Shopify Live Chat app to avoid such misfortune.


WhatsApp is one of the best apps for communicating with your audience. SuperLemon is one of the best Shopify Whats App applications that allows you to communicate with your store visitors and retrieve abandoned carts.

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