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Reasons Why Your Shopify eCommerce Conversion Rate Is (Super) Low

Jenny Rica Alipante

Reasons Why Your Shopify eCommerce Conversion Rate Is (Super) Low

You're selling quality products with a verynice Shopify store but facing a low conversion rate issue when many people aremaking extremely good money from their Shopify store.


Stores like yours are barely surviving, andat the same time, they have to pay for virtual assistants, apps, and more. Ofall the problems, money is by far the most pressing.


To increase your eCommerce conversion rate,we analysed the reasons for your low conversion rate and providing somerecommendations here.


What is a good Shopify Conversion Rate?

According to some studies, the averageeCommerce conversion rate across all devices in all countries is 2.58%. It candiffer according to industry type and the type of device your visitors preferto visit your Shopify store (site).

VWO reports the following averages:

●     Agricultural Supplies: 1.41%

●     Arts and Crafts: 4.01%

●     Baby and Child: 0.71%

●     Cars and Motorcycling: 1.36%

●     Electrical and CommercialEquipment: 2.7%

●     Fashion Clothing andAccessories: 1.41%

●     Food and Drink: 0.90%

●     Health and Wellbeing: 2.02%

●     Home Accessories and Giftware:1.46%

●     Kitchen and Home Appliances:1.61%

●     Pet Care: 2.51%


Reasons Why Your Shopify Conversion Rate is Low

01 You are targeting the Wrong Audience

Pitching your products to anyone or everyone might be a failure for your Shopify store because not everyone is interested in your products. 


02 Your site's landing page is not attractive

First impression matters. If your landing page is unattractive, there are chances that you will face a poor conversion rate issue.


03 Poor Product Images

People see the products before buying. If they are not getting high-quality product images on your Shopify store, they will go somewhere else.


04 Ordinary CTA (Call-to-action)

Missing accurate CTA will be harmful to your Shopify conversion rate. Provide a clear and convincing CTA for your products to push your visitors to buy your products.


05 No Product Reviews

While purchasing online, visitors will consciously check for reasons to trust your brand. And, absence of product reviews may lead to a decrease in your Shopify conversion rate.


How to Increase Your Shopify Conversion Rate

Some easy ways you can utilize to increase your Shopify conversion rate are:

01 Provide Easy Navigation to Your Store

A good user experience can elevate eCommerce conversion rate as well as sales. So, it would be best if you made your website easy to navigate. Then sort your products into groups or categories to provide easy access to the visitors.


02 Enhance Mobile Experience

Most of the online sales come from mobile devices. As people use mobile devices more, the chances of increasing sales via mobiles in the future are higher. Push yourself and be better by optimizing your Shopify store for mobile with AMP (Accelerated MobilePages).

There are a few apps on Shopify that offer seamless AMP integration, and SEO Booster - an all-in-one app that offers SEO marketing solutions - is one of them.


03 Optimize Checkout Process

Avoid the complex and confusing check out process by optimizing your checkout process. You can reduce some fields, make cart review easier, and more.


04 Allow Guest Checkouts

Enabling the guest checkout option will allow new users/visitors to make purchases without creating an account on your Shopify store. This can help increase the conversion rate up to 50%.


05 Combine Offers with FOMO

Offering your visitors freebies like discounts, coupons, gift cards, and more will help you gain an increased conversion rate. You can unite them with the FOMO (fear of missing out)strategy, which will make the visitors take action (purchase) within some time.


06 Use Live Chat

With the live chat feature, you can interact with your visitors in real-time, and you can assure them to provide help whenever they require it.  


07 Optimize Your Search Bar

An optimized search bar will help your ideal customers to find their desired items quickly. That's how you can increase the conversion rate on your Shopify store.


08 Display Good Quality Images of Your Product

When targeted customers search for your product, they will get all the product-related info by zooming in on your product images. You can upload a short and crisp video of your product to understand better and increase the conversion rate on your Shopify store.


09 Notify Your Customers About Your Products

Enable the "Notify Me" feature on your Shopify store. This feature will alert your customer about the available products in stock and help your Shopify store gain increased conversions.


10 Customer Reviews

Organic customer reviews can help you gain your customers' trust and improve your Shopify conversion rate.



There are so many ways you can boost up the conversion rate of your Shopify store. Get the most convenient features for your online Shopify store with a single click from SuperLemon WhatsApp Tool.

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