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Partner with SuperLemon

Sahil Tawde

Partner with SuperLemon

“Alone, we can do so little. Together, we can do so much.”

Teamwork and collaboration are crucial tot he success of any organisation. Great things happen when brilliant minds with big ambitions work together!

SuperLemon understands the power of collaboration and so devised “Partner with SuperLemon” programs.

Shopify apps, agencies, and consultants who wish to share their success cases, where they or their clients shined, can immensely benefit from this program. 

Your venture and SuperLemon can leverage their brand perception and grow their audience base organically.

Overview of the program

In this collaboration program, we will create a multitude of visual, textual, and graphical content to propagate your credentials. We will provide our existing audience base of 80,000 with an insightful look into your brand.


Two major elements of this program are:

🤝 Partner Success Story

🌐 Social Media


We will use your success story and publish it as a blog on our site. Similarly, we will use different social media channels to post cobranded posts.


1. 🤝 Partner Success Story

Under this program, we will create a blog explaining your features, USPs, and all other necessary details that might interest your audience. A brief about you will also be sent through email to our database of 72,000. Posts about you will be published on our social media channels and shared in social groups/communities we are a part of.


2. 🌐 Social Media

This element of the program is for brands that can leverage the utmost traction through our social media base. In this program, we will propagate your details to various social platforms such asFacebook groups, Instagram, Quora, Reddit, and a few other channels. Since we are part of various small and big business communities, your brand will get exposure from our network partners.


To explore the collaboration opportunities, please email us at

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