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Opt-in Collection at Checkout Updated

Adil Siddiqui

Opt-in Collection at Checkout Updated

Shopify has updated its Opt-in collection mechanism of Mobile Number at Checkout Page. To send WhatsApp updates to customers using SuperLemon, it needs Opt-in from customers along with their Mobile Numbers.


Currently there are two ways in which you can collectOpt-in for SuperLemon:

1.    Collect WhatsApp opt-in fromCheckout Page (provided by Shopify)

2.   Collect WhatsApp opt-in fromStorefront widget (widget provided by SuperLemon)

However, recently Shopify made some modifications in the first method, and it needs a little tweaking on your end in your Shopify Admin Settings to continue collecting Opt-in from your Customers on Checkout Page. 

You can use either of these methods to collectOpt-in from your customers to send them automated messages using WhatsApp.

Earlier it used the Opt-in was collected on the Checkout page when user checked the checkbox after entering the Mobile number as shown below:

But now, there won’t appear any check box forMobile phone option in the Checkout page. Instead to collect Opt-in you will be required to add a new section in the checkout page specifically dedicated to collect Opt-in of Mobile Number as shown below:

You will also be required to add PrivacyPolicy and Terms of Service as they will be shown to your customers at the time of Opt-in as shown in the above image.

Please find below the updated steps of the first method to setup the new Opt-in mechanism for your Shopify shop so that you don’t lose out on new customer’s Opt-in on checkout page

Updated Steps


Open your store's Shopify admin > Checkout settings page.

Search for Customer contact section, and select the option that allows customers to checkout using "phone number or email", as shown in the screenshot below:

If you need to select the email-only option, it's ok. Make sure to complete Step2.


Search for Form options section on the same page. Set Shipping address phone number as Required or Optional.

We recommend setting it to Required if you selected email-only option inStep 1. Otherwise, we won't get the customer's phone number to send Whats App message.


Search for SMS Marketing section on the same page. Select the checkboxes as shown in the screenshot below:

Selecting this checkbox helps you get maximum possible opt-ins from the Checkout page.

You will also be required to add in Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for your store if you haven’t already. If you have Privacy Policy and Terms ofService in place for your store, you can skip to Step 5.



To add Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, click on the legal settings link as shown below or go to Legal Settings page:

You will be redirected to the Legal Setting Page where you will need to add yourStore’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service and if you don’t have those, you can use Shopify’s template to add a default template by clicking on the Create from Template button as shown below:

This will automatically add a default template for PrivacyPolicy. Do the same for Terms of Service and click on Save and go back to the Shopify admin > Checkout settings page.


Step 5

Search for Checkout language section on the same page.

Click on the Manage checkout language button as shown in the screen shot below:

Step 6

In the Manage checkout language page, scroll till the end of the page and then search for Accept sms checkbox label usingCtrl+F keys (CMD+F on Mac) as shown in the screenshot below:

Update the text field shown above to ANY of the following options:

  • Get order updates on WhatsApp
  • Sign up for order updates, exclusive offers, and news on     WhatsApp and/or SMS

Mention other channels like SMS if you are using them. For example - "Get order updates on WhatsApp and/or SMS".


Step 7

On the same page, search for Phone label or Optional phone label using Ctrl+F keys (CMD+F on Mac) as shown in the screenshot below:

Update the text field shown above to:

  • Phone number for order updates

This will help inform your customers about how their phone number will be used.


Step 8

That was the final change required. Click the Save button on the top-right corner of the page to save all your changes.

Final step


Almost done! In case you missed any of the steps, you can click on the "Back" button and complete them.

If you completed all the steps successfully, your checkout page should look similar to this:

If you have any doubts or queries, please get back to

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