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Nihao - Dropshipping Tool for Shopify

Elle Lilly

Nihao - Dropshipping Tool for Shopify

Nihao Dropshipping is a dropshipping agencythat provides a comprehensive dropshipping solution for online sellers aroundthe globe. As a dropshipping platform, Nihao takes care of everythingautomatically, including product sourcing, listing, order fulfillment, andshipping.

Theyare a global supplier and provide an excellent product supply chain from Chinato anywhere in the world. They have been aged for quite a long time in theindustry. Their matured product range enables you to dropship a large varietyof products directly from our facility to your customer's doorstep. Providethem excellent customer satisfaction with our Nihao Dropshipping Shopify app.

Features Of Nihao Dropshipping

1. Wholesale Prices Of Products

2. 24x7 Customer Support

3. Allows You To Submit Product SourcingRequest for Free

Benefits Of Dropshipping From Nihao Dropshipping

Vast Product Catalogue ToChoose From

From fashion accessories to consumerelectronics, numerous product categories are available at Nihao dropshipping.It allows you to choose from millions of product options at affordable pricesfor your store.


Delivers Worldwide

Nihao provides & guarantees excellent,affordable, and fast shipping solutions to dropshippers worldwide.


One-on-one Customer Support

Nihao dropshipping has a dedicated customerservice team available 24x7 to solve pre and post-sale concerns of thecustomers. You can connect with them online via phone or email anytime for anyproduct or service-related assistance.


Quality Control

You can rest assured in case of productquality. Nihao dropshipping boasts a professional quality control team thatensures the products are in top-quality condition. In case of any quality orout-of-stock issues, the team provides satisfactory solutions to customers.


How Does It Work?

You need not hire someone to integrate ormanage Nihao dropshipping. It does it all. Here is a step-by-step guide togetting started with Nihao dropshipping.

1. Enter the details to create an account.

2. Integrate your Shopify Store.

3. On, select theproducts for your store and import them to the list. In case ofnon-availability of any product on Nihao, place a product sourcing request forfree.

4. Edit the product description of products.Further, import them to your Shopify store.

5. Once the customer places an order from yourstore, add the respective product to your cart and pay for it.

6. Nihao will automatically process the orderand directly deliver it to your customer.


Final Thoughts

Nihao is a global dropshipping agency based inChina. They have trustworthy global service coverage. Their Shopify app allowsShopify store owners to embark on their dropshipping journey at almost no costat all.


Tolearn more about how Nihao can benefit your business, visit and get started on dropshipping today easily & quickly.

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