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How To Integrate WhatsApp Business API Within Your Shopify Store

Farhan Patel

How To Integrate WhatsApp Business API Within Your Shopify Store

Today, excellent & fast customer support and communication have become paramount. Not providing your online customers with it can make you lose almost half of them!

If you are a Shopify store owner wondering how to do it, we have a solution for you, integrate WhatsApp API into your Shopify store. Yes, the leading messaging platform.

Over 50 Million businesses today are using WhatsApp for customer support & communication.Because that's where they are most active. You can reach your customers anytime, anywhere, keep track of every interaction with users and increase your overall sales using WhatsApp API.

Install SuperLemon’s WhatsApp Chat App For Shopify

Save your time, money, and efforts by choosing SuperLemon's WhatsApp Chat App. It is a great fit for businesses who want a simple & instant solution for their Shopify store. You can get started within seconds without any coding.

 With our WhatsApp Chat App, you can

- instantly connect with your store visitors,

- provide quick responses to their queries,

- recover abandoned carts,

- send order updates automatically, and

- access and save their details for quick retrieval.


Steps To IntegrateSuperLemon’s WhatsApp Chat App Into Your Shopify Store

Step 1

First, go to the Shopify App Store to install our WhatsApp Chat App. You can even install it from the website.

Step 2

In the search box, search for ‘SuperLemonWhatsApp App’.

Step 3

Click 'Add App' to install it in the store.

Step 4

Open the app, and enter your name &WhatsApp number to get started.

Step 5

Once the setup is done, enable the Whats App chat, WhatsApp share, and automated messages in the settings, which are disabled by default.

Step 6

Further, you can configure various settings in the app, such as:

- Customize the appearance of the WhatsApp chat button: From the pre-configured designs, modify the text and design of the button according to the store’s theme. You can even edit the button text and message body.

- Edit On/Off Hours: You can set the working hours of your agents.

- Greetings Widget: You can greet your store visitors with predefined messages. The app also allows you to edit the greetings according to the agent's working hours.

- Modify the Button's Position: You can change the chat button's display position according to the desktop and mobile.

- Select The Webpages To Display The ChatButton: You can select the web pages on which you want to display the chat button widget.



And within seconds, you have the WhatsApp ChatApp for your Shopify store. More configurations would make providing customer support and communication easy for you. You can instantly answer your customer queries and allow them to share products with their friends & family by integrating our WhatsApp Chat App. And, in turn, boost your traffic, conversions, and sales.

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