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How to improve customer support on an eCommerce site?

Jenny Rica Alipante

How to improve customer support on an eCommerce site?

In a digital age, businesses have gone digital, but the struggle for survival has not calmed down despite several efforts. In the race to take their retail businesses online, many giants feel challenged by some small businesses.

And factor they think gives these small businesses leverage is the “Quality level of Customer Support”.

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In the eCommerce industry, a lot of thingsneed to be done. Customer Support is one such task that has unique importancetoo. Here’s how it impacts:

●     Bettercustomer support helps gain customers’ trust

●     Bettercustomer support helps resolve customer queries and have more sales

●     Badcustomer support makes customers angry.

●     Angrycustomers can influence others negatively about the brand.

●     A proper customersupport system speeds up the process.


As much as sales are important for abusiness owner, paying attention to customer support can help in the long run.Both positive and negative inputs can help you improve and be better.


What is eCommerce customer service?


Your customer service or support team literally acts as the voice of your brand.


People share their heat and praise both with these customer chat executives. They are not just asked questions about your products but are also scolded when there's a negative experience and applauded for something a customer felt good about.


As a small business or a startup, you of tent end to manage customer queries by yourself and thus, creating the brand experience lies in your hands.


But when you are planning on hiring some customer chat executives or automating some parts, you must have a well-ordered framework to do so. All the people facing customers must represent your brand alike.

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To do so, you must have a framework describing the tone and voice of your messages. You also need to know how to calm down a furious customer and what discounts or perks you can offer to make them calm and avoid any negative mouth-of-word publicity.


In your customer service framework, you can also define how much participation of humans should be there and how much can be automated through chatbots. You can also define timelines. Cases for escalation to you or a manager should also be described.


7 Ways to improve Customer Support For Creating The NextLevel of eCommerce Experience


1. Identify the most common issues through feedback and ratings


Dive into what customers said about your brand. Good or bad, note it all. Bad words from the customers often hurt and anger us. But if you learn from the bad, you can utilize it in improving your products and solutions.


Thus improving the customer experience, you can even reach out to lost customers. Inform them how you have worked on anissue they indicated. And now they can enjoy using the service or product again.


2. Resolution before the committed deadline


A customer in pain looks for the resolution of their grievances. When you listen to what they have to say and try providing the quickest resolution possible, it makes customers feel valued and heard.


Customers feel delighted with the quickness in your response and getting a solution before the committed time makes. They also form a firm positive opinion about the brand.


Moreover, such elated experiences turn into positive word-of-mouth publicity.


3. Using templated responses


Most often, you know the common issues raised by your customers, and thus you can have canned responses. Templated messages or canned responses help your customer executives attend to more customers at the same time.


They are less prone to make errors in messages, so no worries about the wrong impact due to poor language.


With canned responses, you set a uni form tone for your brand, and thus, no matter how many people are working on customer servicing, the message customers receive will not differ.


4. Taking feedback after the resolution


Once you feel like you have provided the needed help to a customer, you can ask them how they like the resolution you provided. However, this feedback can serve two purposes.


First is knowing how well the customer care executive did, and second is knowing the steps suggested by you are working well for the customer or not.


Often customer care executives do everything by the book, but because the troubleshooting you suggested doesn't work, a customer may feel angrier on customer care executives.


5. Providing the best and trained staff to patrons


Every brand nowadays has some premium customers. These customers are considered premium:

●     who has been with the brand for longer

●     who buy frequently

●     who speak very highly of your brand on social media

●     who has given feedback on almost every purchase experience

●     who subscribed to your services by paying

●     who have high ratings from your service or delivery network


When such a customer comes to you for chat support, you should offer them an experience that rewards their patronage withyour brand.


You can give them highly rated executives or trained staff to give them a good experience and make them feel valued.


6. Adding a personalised touch


When you ask your customers to fill in their details like their name and salutation, customers expect some level of personalisation. Instead of saying “Hi there” or “Sir/Mam” during a conversation, when you have a customer's details, and you use it, and you call them by their names, they feel good about themselves and feel a personal bond with the brand.


7. Automating the customer support


At the beginning of the online customer service era, businesses made one big mistake involving human resources right from the beginning of a chat. As a result, many businesses ended up draining tons of money.


But now you can avoid this mistake. You can deploy a chatbot or automate the first level of chat support. This way, you can handle a large part of your chat crowd quickly and have time for allocating there sources.


With a smart option, you can have a chat bot that takes the basic details and then involves a human when a resolution is not available at the chatbot's level. This way, you will save a lot of hours lost in asking for names and personal details.


Customer support is of the utmost importance and can't be-ignored by eCommerce.


Bad customer support is worse than not having one. Many eCommerce businesses end up having a bad or un organised customer support system. Thus, not drawing the value from it.


A good customer support system consists of a mix of automated and manual chat support. Efficient chat support can get your customers back, increase sales and even help in generating orders.


Surprised?Don’t be!

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