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How to Craft Attractive Messages for Customers on WhatsApp Business

Rohit Chahande

How to Craft Attractive Messages for Customers on WhatsApp Business

You must be familiar with WhatsApp - a leading messaging platform. It is generally used to connect with friends & people we know. But today, it has become an asset even for Shopify businesses.  


WhatsApp allows you to reach your customers quickly & efficiently and provide them immediate support. However, messaging your customers is not the same as you usually do.


There are some tips & tricks to create attractive WhatsApp messages for customers that hook them and make them buy your products. Let's look at what those are.

Ways To Craft Attractive WhatsApp Business Messages ForCustomers

Craft Short Sentences

Of course, you don't want your customers to get overwhelmed and switch back after seeing your messages. So, keep your message short & direct. Short sentences are clear and easy to read &understand.

Be Conversational

However, the tone of the message varies according to the brand. But we recommend that regardless of what your message is about, greeting, sales, or thank you, avoid using formal language while interacting with your customers. This, in turn, helps to engage customers in the conversation, build trust, and result in a positive customer experience.

Include emojis, use contractions, and ask questions to make it conversational.

Include Media Files

WhatsApp has completely revolutionised the way of interacting with customers. Today, the interaction is more than the large walls of text. Unlike the traditional messaging platforms, WhatsApp allows you to include gifs, images & videos in your messages, making the interaction powerful and engaging.

Add Links

As stated above, you must keep the messageshort to grab your customers' attention. But that does not mean you must leave the important details in the message. Include links to your products in themessages to make it easy for customers to land on the page.

Use Text Formatting

Text formatting is crucial when crafting attractive messages for customers. This can be used to draw attention to important details and emphasize key information.


You can format your text creatively within WhatsApp and make your message more readable & engaging. From italics to bold, everything can be done with a little coding.


These WhatsApp messages can be automated! Yes, you read it right. Using SuperLemon's WhatsApp plugin, you can instantly send automated responses to your customers. Our chat app features pre-approved message templates.


You can send automated abandoned carts, order confirmation, and delivery update messages in different languages to your customers.

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