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Enable WhatsApp Auto-Reply For Your Shopify Business

Divya Papneja

Enable WhatsApp Auto-Reply For Your Shopify Business

Do you know, 33% of your Shopify customers would switch to your competitor due to poor customer support. Not getting aninstant reply to their queries is one of the prime reasons for it.

It works quite differently. Customers usually come up to brands in their free time, but agents are not always available.However, if not available, at least you must inform them. An away message is better than no reply at all.

Don’t worry. You need not hire someone to stay available for sending that away message. Use the auto-reply feature of WhatsApp. When you are personally inactive, the auto-reply feature allows you to send an automated away message to your customers via WhatsApp, where they are most active.

Let’s look at how to enable auto-reply forWhatsApp.


How To Set Up Auto Reply OnWhatsApp Business?

You can set up auto-replies for your business in two ways:

Using WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is free to download &use an app that makes interacting with customers easy. It allows you to communicate efficiently with your customers, deliver important notifications, create product/service catalogues, collect feedback from them and do much more.You can also set up 'away messages' for hours when your agents are unavailable.


Using WhatsApp API

WhatsApp API is a chatbot designed to integrate within your business system. It helps you automate the conversation with your customers, send reminders, and deliver notifications. You can automate everything, from your responses to FAQs and provide customer support 24x7.


WhatsApp business is set particularly for small businesses and acts as a gatekeeper. It allows you only to tell your customers whether you are available or not. Whereas WhatsApp API is for every business size, be it small, medium or large.


Using WhatsApp API, you can communicate with your customers, answer their queries in real-time and encourage them to make a purchase. So, to set up auto-reply messages for your business, use WhatsApp API.


WhatsApp Chatbot Helps A Business Incredibly

WhatsApp Chatbot has numerous benefits for businesses.Some of them include:

- Help you provide quality customer support round-the-clock.

- Allows you to handle multiple customers atonce.

- Saves on cost, time, and effort.

- Lower response time.

- Offers pre-approved message templates and also allows you to customize them.

- Allows you to fix the time for auto-reply messages.

- Agents can use multiple devices at the same time to communicate with the customers.

- Has one common dashboard with chat inbox& CRM.

- Resolve customer queries in real-time.


How to Get a Chatbot for AnAuto-Reply on WhatsApp?

You need not invest hours in setting up theWhatsApp API for your business. You can integrate SuperLemon's WhatsApp into your Shopify store within seconds.


Just head to the Shopify app store, install SuperLemon's WhatsApp Chat App, enter your credentials, and you have the WhatsApp Chat App for your Shopify store.Further in the app, you can configure many settings to communicate with your customers easily.


Using our WhatsApp API, you can send automated away messages, order confirmation messages, delivery updates, abandoned cart recovery reminders, and more with just one app.



WhatsApp is the best & easy solution for businesses to send auto-reply WhatsApp messages and fulfil the customer expectations of receiving instant responses. Our WhatsApp API would make the communication with your customers easy & instant without you involving much. It would also help in boosting your conversions, sales and traffic.

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