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5 Ways to Enhance Your Shopify Store's Online Customer Experience

Anuj Shinde

5 Ways to Enhance Your Shopify Store's Online Customer Experience

Today, who isn't shopping online?

Almost 2.14 billion people across the globe shop online. There are a massive number of online stores in the market;820,000 are hosted by Shopify itself.

As a Shopify store owner, you need to ensure that your Shopify customers' online experience or journey is great.Otherwise, it would take a second for them to switch to competitors. And 80% of the shoppers have even done that due to a negative experience.

What Does "CustomerJourney" Mean?

A customer journey is basically an experience that a customer has with your brand, from the point of discovery to finally making the purchase. After looking at an item, a customer does not immediately buy it. But he compares, interacts, and goes through various touch points before buying. However, it is not the points that matter, but how the customer feels throughout the journey.

To ace the revenue game, you need to provide an excellent online customer experience.

5 Ways to Improve the OnlineShopping Experience for Customers

Now you must wonder how to improve the Shopify store's customers' journey or online shopping experience. There are various ways to do it. Let's look at some of them.

1.Enhance Your Product Pages

Product images and videos on your Shopify store impact the purchasing decisions of 9 out of 10 customers! So, to improve the online shopping experience and increase sales, you must optimise your product pages. Here's how you can make them interactive:

-Provide your customer with detailed and accurate product information.

-Make sure the product images are high-quality.

Also, add 3D-modeled product images.

-Add photo reviews from previous customers.

-Highlight the product features in a video and even add a video of the product being used by someone.

2.Remove any advertisements that have been injected into your browser.

Irrelevant ads and pop-ups while brow sing the store are quite annoying and are causing massive losses to eCommerce business owners. This has led to a loss of almost $25 billion worth of eCommerce sales in the US.

Set up adware blockers for your Shopify store to enable your store visitors to browse easily without any interruption.The blockers protect your store by keeping irrelevant ads and pop-ups away from it.

3.Integrate SuperLemon’s WhatsApp Chat App to Make Communication Easy.

Are you able to provide customer support in real-time? If not, you are losing 90% of your online customers. Yes, you read that right!

Customer support is an essential factor affecting customers' online shopping experiences. Don't worry. Communicate with your customers where they are most available: on WhatsApp, a leading messaging platform!

By integrating SuperLemon's WhatsApp ChatApp into your store, you can interact with your store visitors easily and quickly, and vice versa.

4.Make the checkout seamless.

Delight your customers and improve their online shopping experience by allowing them to check out quickly.

23% of the people who abandon carts do it due to the long and complicated checkout process. Optimize the process if you don't want to lose your customers, sales, and revenue. Shoppers like it simple and short.

5.Be Versatile in Your Payment Options

What payment options do you offer to your customers? Some customers might not be comfortable sharing their information online, or some might not have access to advanced technology. Because of the absence of their preferred payment option, they often drop out of the store without making a purchase.

Don't be rigid with your payment options; be flexible with them. Allow your customers to choose from various options that they are comfortable with.


Our WhatsApp Chat App is a sure-shot way to improve the online shopping experience of your customers and increase your sales. It does not just help you provide quick responses to customers, but also recover abandoned carts, send automated messages, update order status, and so much more. Take your customers' online shopping experience to the next level by integrating our WhatsApp Chat App.

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