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5 Reasons To Integrate WhatsApp API In Your Shopify Store

Vimal Cherangattu

5 Reasons To Integrate WhatsApp API In Your Shopify Store

From groceries to luxury goods, people have turned online to buy everything. Due to this, eCommerce platforms are experiencing tremendous growth, especially Shopify.

But the only challenge is that businesses are failing at providing real-time customer support, which is making them lose 90%of their customers, traffic, sales, and conversions!

Are you a Shopify business owner facing the same challenge? Don't worry. You can make the conversation with your customers instant, engaging, and easy using WhatsApp API.

Not just this, you get to achieve your goals of increased conversions, sales & traffic by integrating WhatsApp API into your Shopify store.

How To Use Shopify WhatsApp Marketing To Boosts Sales, Conversions& Traffic?

You can use WhatsApp marketing for your Shopify store in multiple ways to increase your traffic, conversions, and sales like :

Sending Promotional Messages

You can announce the upcoming sale, special discount, new product, or any other promotional update to your customers viaWhatsApp. Sending such updates through WhatsApp is a sure shot way to increase overall sales; after all, it has an open rate of 99%.

Recovering Abandoned Carts

On average, 70% of shoppers abandon their carts. They add products to their cart and leave without completing the purchase. However, you can recover those and boost your Shopify sales by sending reminders to your customers at regular intervals on WhatsApp.

Sending Order Updates

Replace the traditional messaging platform with WhatsApp to send transactional messages related to order details, confirmation, and delivery. Nothing could be more convenient for customers than receiving updates on their frequently used messaging platform.

5 Benefits of Using WhatsApp Business API in Your Shopify Store

Instantly Communicate WithYour Customers

Over 2 billion people across the globe useWhatsApp. So, now you know where you can reach your customers - on WhatsApp!

Integrating WhatsApp API into your Shopify store allows your customers to get in touch and interact with you and vice versa easily within seconds.


Keep Your CustomersUp-To-Date

Customers love to hear anything related to their orders. Using the WhatsApp API, keep your customers informed about the order status. By sending the order confirmation, & delivery updates viaWhatsApp, provide your users easy access to all the order details they need.

Also, greet your customers through Whats App when they reach out to your store for the first time.


Save Your Time By SendingAutomated Messages

Just integrate the WhatsApp API into your Shopify store and let the bot handle the rest. You no longer need to invest time structuring different messages for different customers.

With the WhatsApp API, you get access to pre-loaded message templates that the bot sends automatically. You can even include the customer details for giving a personalised touch and discount to boost conversions.

Provide Quick Responses ToCustomer Queries

Your struggle to answer all customer queries on time can be solved using WhatsApp API. With this instant messaging platform, you can engage with your customers, provide solutions to their queries, and quickly resolve their issues.

Maintain A Record AboutUsers

With WhatsApp API integration, you need not toggle between multiple applications to collect customer information related to past purchases, discounts, etc. You can have it all in a single place -WhatsApp!



Witness your Shopify sales, conversions, and traffic surge using SuperLemon's WhatsApp API. Whether you want to recover abandoned carts, collect user information, or send automated messages, our WhatsApp API has every feature you require. To date, it is trusted by28000+ Shopify store owners and rated 5-star by 850+ customers. Let your Shopify store be next on the ladder of increased sales!

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