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How to enable Checkout Opt-in

In your Shopify checkout page you can add an option where user can select to receive order updates via Whatsapp.

Checkout Optin can be enabled be enabled by performing the steps below

  1. Open your store's Shopify admin > Settings > Checkout and accounts page.

  1. Search for Customer contact and select customers can checkout using "phone number or email".

  1. Search for Form options select “Shipping address phone number as required”

  1. Search for SMS Marketing Select both the checkboxes & legal Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

  1. Search for Checkout language “ Manage checkout Language”.

  1. On Manage checkout language page Scroll down and search for “ Accept sms checkbox label”.

  1.  Update the text field in section of the following options:
  • Get order updates on WhatsApp
  • Sign up for order updates, exclusive offers and news on WhatsApp and/or SMS
  1. Search for Phone label or Optional phone label.
  2. Update the text field in the section:
  • Phone number for order updates.
  1. Click the Save button.

  1. Review the form 
  2. Go back to your SuperLemon dashboard .
  3. Settings > Collect WhatsApp opt-in from Storefront widget
  4. Click on "I have completed all the steps" and then Apply for approval.

You can also see the tutorial by:

1. Login to SuperLemon Dashboard

2. Click on “WhatsApp Widgets” in the left menu bar.

3. Go to Opt-in Widgets subsection

4. Click on “See Tutorial” button on the “Checkout Opt-in” Widget tile. 

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