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How to Onboard on Superlemon as Engage Plan User

SuperLemon is a WhatsApp plugin for Shopify stores which connects with WhatsApp, dramatically improving the customer experience. In the Engage plan the major features are you can apply for your own Whatsapp Business API, Setup a shared Team inbox and customize templates to do marketing campaigns. 


  • Your own WhatsApp Business API
  • Automated Whatsapp messages
  • Marketing campaigns
  • 50+ types Whatsapp Widget and buttons
  • Shared Team Inbox for you Whatsapp Business API
  • Analytics Dashboard
WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business enables you to have a business presence on WhatsApp, communicate more efficiently with your customers, and help you grow.Having an official WhatsApp Business API through the WhatsApp Business API will get you that green checkmark in your business profile and more.Set up a Whatsapp Business API


Automated Whatsapp messages: Superlemon provides a great feature for Shopify stores where we read various events from Shopify and trigger communications to customers when these events happen. As a store owner you just need to go and enable these Automated message templates and rest everything will be done automatically by Superlemon. Setup the automated message now: 

Marketing Campaigns

WhatsApp marketing campaigns are one of the most popular marketing strategies that allow sending of promotional messages, product releases, newsletters & much more to users via WhatsApp in bulk. It’s a hassle-free way of delivering business updates to customers on a day-to-day basis and drives engagement. Setup marketing campaigns

With Superlemon’s Growth & Engage Plan, you can create your own templates to send messages to your customers at scale. You can create various templates for Offer Announcement, Product Launch, Back in Stock notifications etc. Learn how to create custom templates.

50+ designs for Whatsapp Widget: 

Chat Widget:  “Chat” Widget helps your customers interact with your agents and give live support. Our WhatsApp chat widget supports multiple agent functionality. You have the option to add multiple support users by having seperate number for each user. You can match your whatsapp widget with your Shopify website theme.  Setup the chat widget now

Share Widget:  WhatsApp Share button on your store to let customers share your store with their friends and family.  You can match your whatsapp widget with your Shopify website theme. Setup the share widget now.

Enable Optin: Customer needs to give his phone number and consent to receive messages on Whatsapp is a mandate in order to have successful message deliveries. SuperLemon provides you various ways to collect optin from your customers. Setup the Optin

Shared Team Inbox:

Shared Team Inbox is a modern solution to help you manage all incoming/two-way messages on your Business WhatsApp number in an easy and accessible way. It helps businesses to deliver personalized and uninterrupted customer services. It provides quick access to chats based on criteria that will help the agents to prioritize their work.

The dashboard provides visibility to the number of chats attended by agents on a daily/monthly basis and other conversation and productivity metrics to identify the gaps and thereby finding measures to remove the shortcomings to improve performance and ultimately customer satisfaction. Setup Your Shared Inbox now

Analytics & Logs

Analytics Dashboard: Analytics section helps you understand your business performance in a better way. You can observe trends in widget clicks by customers, opt-ins customers & template message volumes.

Message Logs: Recent 7 days data is displayed in the message log section.