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What is Marketing Campaign & How to setup one?

What is a WhatsApp marketing campaign?

WhatsApp marketing campaigns are one of the most popular marketing strategies that allow sending of promotional messages, product releases, newsletters & much more to users via WhatsApp in bulk. It’s a hassle-free way of delivering business updates to customers on a day-to-day basis and drives engagement.

E.g. product-related insights, latest arrivals, newsletter subscriptions, offers, Sale and promotions.

You should be subscribed to Growth/Engane plan to access this feature

How to Trigger Marketing Campaign?

Login to Superlemon dashboard and  Campaigns in the left navigation drawer.

In the “My Campaigns” section, click on “Create New Campaign”

On Create New Campaign Page:

  • Click on submit 

Please note that, if you have entered Custom Variables in the selected campaign, you can only trigger campaign via File Upload method. 

What happens when you Submit the campaign? How to track a campaigns ?

Once you click on the submit button, you can check the Status of your campaign, no. of delivered messages and how many users have opened the message on the campaign page.