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How to create customer Group

What are user groups?

User Segmentation is the practice of dividing a customer base into groups of individuals that are similar in specific ways like their interests, spending habits, new users, inactive users, Opted In users, Abandoned cart. Within a user group you can assign specific discounts and special offers.

What's the importance of User groups?

  • Drive sales and customer loyalty
  • Better customer experince.
  • Divert the visitors into buyers.
  • User groups help you to target the right audience.
  • The discounts you are offered can be restricted to a few sets of customers.

Steps to Create User group

You can create a group of users based on Various Criteria. Engage, communicate, promote and reach out to them to drive sales and customer loyalty like never before. To create User Groups you must be subscribed to Growth Plan or Engage Plan. 

Step 1: Go to the Customers Section inside Superlemon App > Go to “Customer Groups” Subsection > Click on “Create Customer Group”

Step 2: Name the User group name.

Step 3: Set the conditions as per your need & click on Save button. You can add upto 3 conditions to create any customer group.

You can see list of All Customer Groups Created in the Customers section. You can start sending message to this set of customers by clicking on “Sent Message” button.

You can also edit/delete this group by clicking on edit/delete icon respectively. You can also download the data of these customers by clicking on the download icon.