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How to Avoid Rejections for Templates?

Sometimes you might face the issue that the Whatsapp template has been rejected, Let's explore the following possibilities of rejection :

  • Message template name is unclear: Template name and the context of the message should match 
  • Message template asks for sensitive information: Your template is asking for some personal information of the receiver. 
  • The message formatting is not right: The formatting of Header, Message Body and footer is in correct format.
  • Message template has spelling or grammatical errors : if there are some misspellings or grammatical errors in the template it may be deemed untrustworthy and get rejected.
  • The content is non-transactional in nature: No promotional words or text should be used in any Transactional message template 
  • Message templates have floating placeholders: Message Templates containing lines with just Placeholders and no text because they could be abused to spam customers.
  • Message template is too generic : if sufficient detail in for provided in the templated it will get rejected
  • Selected message category is wrong: Label the Message Template correctly 
  • Selected language didn't match the content: the selected language and content language should match 

How to Avoid Rejections for Templates?

  1. Variable parameters contain special characters such as a #, $, or %.
  2. You have inclused Emojis in Header.
  3. The message template contains content that violates WhatsApp’s Commerce Policy: When you offer goods or services for sale, we consider all messages and media related to your goods or services, including any descriptions, prices, fees, taxes and/or any required legal disclosures, to constitute transactions. Transactions must comply with the WhatsApp Commerce Policy.
  4. The message template contains content that violates the WhatsApps Business Policy: Do not request sensitive identifiers from users. For example, do not ask people to share full length individual payment card numbers, financial account numbers, National Identification numbers, or other sensitive identifiers. This also includes not requesting documents from users that might contain sensitive identifiers. Requesting partial identifiers (ex: last 4 digits of their Social Security number) is OK.
  5. The content contains potentially abusive or threatening content, such as threatening a customer with legal action or threatening to publicly shame them.
  6. The message template is a duplicate of an existing template. If a template is submitted with the same wording in the body and footer of an existing template, the duplicate template will be rejected. 

If your template gets rejected even after following the above guidelines, please reach out to us at